The day was in aid of Severn Hospice; Severn Hospice is an organisation who cares for people who are living with complex and progressive illnesses.

There were 27 boats in total and each boat had 17 shipmates (16 rowers and 1 drum master). So far Hawk has raised £783.00 for the cause and with money still coming in are aiming to raise over £1000.

The day started at 9am where team members gathered and set the tent and BBQ up. All participants were then sent to their safety briefing to help make sure the event ran as smoothly as possible and so that everyone knew what to do if something should go wrong (thankfully it didn’t).

After the initial introductions all of team Hawk put on their t-shirts and prepared their fancy dress (Hi-Vis and Hard Hats) for the first race. The first race was completed in 1 minute 26.76 seconds although they lost this race the team that beat them soon had their comeuppance after capsizing soon after crossing the finish line. The second race was completed in 1 minute 27.94 seconds; still a very quick time even though some team members were put off by the women who was steering the boat shouting “Long Hard Strokes”. As speedy as these times were they unfortunately were not enough to reach the next round, it was tough competition.

All though Hawks races were over the team stayed around and enjoyed the sunshine and a BBQ whilst watching the rest of the races. The team enjoyed the day thoroughly and are glad that they could help raise money and awareness for this wonderful charity.

If you would like to sponsor Hawk there is still plenty of time, please just follow the link below.